Katschberg Day 3 (Segway video)

Very cloudy day for the first time since we arrived. Breakfast, then Julius was very happy to join the kids’ club again.

Ritsu had a massage booked and I was up for a 1 hour tour on a cross country Segway XT, first time ever, lots of fun. Tricky to go downhill. But towards the end (when the rain started) we explored the parking garages of several hotels and wizzed around there.

(Forgive Markus, the Segway coach, for shifting from landscape to portrait while doing video)

Rest of the day very relaxed (thanks to the rain), Julius stayed until 4:30 in the kids club when he had one of the animators call us to get him.

Dinner was ‘peasants menu’, with lots of salad and appetizers (slowly the re-use of food becomes more apparent, but still very well done) and main was a deer goulash, which was very nice (but I was pretty full at that time) … Dance off for Julius again and then time for bed.

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