Arrival in Katschberg

After a not so long drive and some shopping fun in Villach (boohoo, the ‘end of summer’ sale is already over) , we finally arrived at our vacation destination in Austria, the Falkensteiner Cristallo in Katschberg (Kärnten) [promotional video on youtube that shows the cool flip around TV]

Nice greeting at the reception and a VERY nice room (lots of sliding doors, you can make it as open or compartmentalized as you want. The LCD TV is on a flip panel, so it can be used either in the main bedroom or the living room, ingenious planning)

While Ritsu and Julius were checking out the pool, I participated in the ‘Hotel Safari’ … to know my way around the fairly big place.

We were invited to a ‘welcome drink’ by the manager lady (well, everybody was, and who would say no to a free glass of bubblie?) and then dinner was ‘Italian buffet’ … which first I was skeptical about … we did not come all the way FROM Italy to eat more Italian food! … But it turned out to be very nice, plenty, lots of choices, including smoked fish.

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2 Responses to Arrival in Katschberg

  1. Franziska says:

    Happened to us in Egypt… the hotel restaurant had a British night on when we arrived. Luckily they also served Pizza!

  2. Peter says:

    If i’d get a German Buffet on arrival in Egypt, I had some strong words with the management 😀

    But maybe this kind of ‘home buffet on first night’ is meant as an easy transition …

    What did they serve on British night? Bangers and mash?

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