Katschberg Day 6 (Sauna / Family Disco Video)

Yes, I am having a terrible cold. Thus we tried the sauna (finally, but no pictures). Ritsu had initially some inhibitions about being ‘all nude’, but we came early and no one else was there. Lots of sweating fun an then swimming in the sauna only pool (again, naked :D)


Why work out? Just sit and sweat

Then a lot of relaxy day (the weather wasn’t that great either) + packing up and Julius spent a lot of time at the kids’ club, allegedly working on a club show for the evening.

When that show started, after dinner, it turned out that only 4 of the kids were in performance mode (not Julius) and they did one song .. After that it was family disco again, and Julius, after 5 minutes of hesitation, was all over it.

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  1. Franziska says:

    I remember the first time I went to a sauna in the UK… I had no idea that the British people were so prudish and expected everyone else to wear a swimming costume. Someone went and told the management that there was a naked lady in the sauna area and I was politely told off for causing embarrassment to the other people. I was quite amused by this, put my bathing suit on, went into the sauna, looked around and said that although I can count a few men in here, nobody seemed to have balls to tell me directly that the custom here in the UK is to not go naked! 😉

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