115.5cm (45.5in) & 21kg (46.3lbs)

Today was Julius’ 6 year checkup with Dr. Mostert (the only occasion we travel through the city traffic to get to his office) and Julius was just a tad apprehensive, recalling the last 2 vaccinations he got just too well.

When I told him where we are going, he asked immediately ‘will he do … ‘ and pointed at his backside and made a ‘prick’ sound … I told him that I honestly did not know.

Once there he was very brave, followed all instructions, weighing, measuring, seeing if he walks well. Everything seems to be in order, those measurements put him smack in the middle of that whole percentile thing, which I am not sure if I understand it correctly (Especially not after reading this) but the doctor assured us that he is growing just fine.

Then it was time for the MMR booster and Julius was not too happy about it (of course, despite everyone telling him it would hurt only for a moment), but his tears were gone very quickly.

Too bad that in all that commotion I forgot to take a picture.

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