Day #14: Shopping and Shrimping Out

Thanks to grandma Keiko being the baby sitter, we had the rare chance to go to the city for about 5 hours door to door to do some shopping in Shinjuku. The hustle and bustle of these center points is always fun and it seemed a bit extra crazy because a) people have xmas money to spend (or are returning gifts) b) a lot of people have this week between the holidays off c) clear blue skies.

We started with some baby clothing shopping at “Comme Ca”, followed by getting some books at Kinokuniya while on the way comparing prices for that one camera I wanted to get (so far the price for Ritsu’s was the lowest) and then at Sakuraya I bought a nice portable 80GB hard drive.

We hopped back on the train to go to the Tokyo Dome area. The dome appears to be a huge sports arena, and around it are all kinds of theme park rides, including a rollercoaster and a huge ferris wheel. For the same 3 reasons as stated above, families with kids were all over the place and since it was lunch time, we saw growing lines at eateries, including McDonald’s … can’t say I have ever seen a line at McD’s before. Gladly our destination had just a very short waiting list.

Since our last year’s California Trip we have become quite fond of Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., and when I found out before that there is even one in Tokyo, we just had to go. Of course we had to take the mandatory bench picture (you can compare with the ones from San Francisco and Monterey Bay) and once we stepped it, it was pretty much the same.

Well, the constant sound of a friendly “irashaimaseeeeeee” and “hai, dozoooooo” was probably a bit different. They were even so considerate to tell us that the table which is available is currently getting direct sunlight (which I later realized and Ritsu got to feel, is quite a factor for black haired people), It was also nice that I got the english version of the menu, which is 99% the same as in the US, the 1% being the prices in Yen.

We both ordered our favourite chilled shrimp baskets, 24 shrimps per person, not bad. With that a smoothie which was closer to a desert somehow, and a basket of fries. Quality and service the same if not better, many families with kids around. At their price tag I was surprised to see how crowded it was. Our total was around 60 USD, and those shrimp are in the appetizer section of the menu!

On the way back we split up so I could go back to the place where we bought Ritsu’s cam and I got my own. Conversation was no problem and about an hour after Ritsu I arrived home, too (had to stop by Uni Qlo to buy a hat, with the sun going down it got freezing cold.

Julius was happy to see us and after bathing we tried one of his new items on. I bet they will show up on pictures to come. Some of them we bought too big, they are for later.

Dinner was some fried pork which was excellent and salad, which showed that my tomato mozarella salad inspired Ritsu’s mom to add some of these. Nice.

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