Lots of walking today

I managed to sleep quite ok (no wonder, after staying up until 1:30) and did some first shopping at the neighborhood CVS drug store. Then after breakfast (nice bagel), I got a cheap mobile phone deal at Radio Shack, very similar to what I had 3 years ago in NY, but this time with a local number for DC, basically, for 25$ you are set with phone and minutes enough for the week (unless you are an incredible chatter box, which I am not)

Although I studied the public transport options, I decided to walk instead all the way to the center … according to google maps about 1 hour … and with some stops, i.e. Chintown and Urban Outfitters, it took me about 2 hours to meet with Christine for lunch at the American Indian Museum (need to check if that is the correct name.)

The weather had been nice so far, during lunch it just drizzled a bit. Afterwards I took the subway (and then another 15 min walk) back to my B&B, just in time to say good night to Julius via video chat.

I had planned to take a nap, knowing that the evening would be going to be long again, but somehow I could not sleep.

At 6:30 PM I started walking again, and again to the 9:30 club, where Christine was DJing from 7-9:15 and then the main event started. Underworld. I had heard about them, but could not really place them. I was amazed to find through wiki that the 2 founding members did a new romantic hit named ‘doot doot‘ back in the 80ies … A song I very well remember.

(Here some videos of them on youtube: link1, link2 and link3)

The show was pretty cool, great light show & video projections and Christine managed to get me into the ‘vip’ section, though unlike last night, this time there were some bouncers, asking to see some pass, because the owners would have some guests in that area … but I later chatted with the owners, very nice people and so I did not have to sweat in the dancing crowd (by then my feet were hurting quite some). The show was over at 11PM and we took a taxi back home.

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