Georgetown, turning foliage, pretty houses, Vietnamese lunch

Since getting to Georgetown from my B&B is a nightmare with public transport, and the weather being much nicer today, I decided to walk all the way, which was very pretty … but then Georgetown itself becomes even prettier … no wonder it is one of the most expensive neighborhoods of Washington.

Many things to see, pretty houses, very colorful autumn trees and here and there some fun Hallowe’en decoration.

In terms of ‘attractions’, I passed by the last house JFK lived in before he moved into the White House, I saw Georgetown University, from there a steep staircase leads down back to M street, this was a filming location in the 1973 movie ‘The Exorcist‘ (still trying to locate a good clip from the movie, all I find on youtube is tourists walking up and down the stairs) [ah, here it is.]

Then walking along the picturesque CO canal and found a pretty fancy mini-mall.

Later on I found the Old Stone House, the oldest house (still standing).

And just before lunch, I went down to the waterfront, which is very nice … you can sit there and watch the big planes flying close by on their landing approach to Reagan airport.

On my way back I found a nice small Vietnamese restaurant where several people were eating by themselves. I had a bowl of phở, which was nice, but I bet in Ha Noi it is much better. It was cheap :)

I walked back via Dupont circle and then all the way up on 18th street .. towards Adams Morgan the street is lined with small shops, restaurants, bars … it looks very colorful.

Lots of walking again today (according to the pedometer in my iPod, 25871 steps) …. I will add some detail later, for now … here are the pictures:

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