Day #15: New Year’s Eve shopping chaos in the snow

As the snow got more and more, Ritsu and I went on a mission to Sengawa to get fresh food for New Year’s Eve (mainly fish pieces) and I had fun to watch the crazier-than-usual hustle and bustle in one of the bigger supermarkts “Queen’s Isetan“, they appear to be a bit upper class and have a massive selection and their shashimi platter were great. I was also amazed by all the different European cheeses I found (albeit packed in mini overprized units). But the diversity of products made me wheep at times. Fresh nice crusty breads, fresh clean produce, many pre-made food items at fair prices …

(Click for Big)

The way back, packed as we were, with snowflakes growing in size and numbers, was sure fun. I could only take pictures while it was still ‘lighter’ and we were still in the shopping area:

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So our dinner was a huge temaki/sashimi orgy, similar to the one we had the last time we were here, and then we spend the ‘rest of the year’ watching those end of the year TV specials with questionable music and comedy acts that I could only guess how funny they were.

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