Hatsumode @ Kasumine Jinja

So, we actually walked through the icecold air and snowy streets to the Kasumine Shrine which was about 20 minutes away. The streets were pretty empty and the soundscape was interesting: Distant gongs from temples and shrines to chase away evil spirits and some sirens (to chase away fire and crime?). The shrine was quite beautiful, on top of a small hill surrounded by a little forrest in the middle of a suburban appartmenhouse area. It was surprisingly empty (thanks to the snow) and so we did not even have to line up and we got through fairly quickly. At the end was a big bonfire and they handed out a hot, sweet, yucky looking sake which I only needed to smell to know that I would not like it.

We walked all the way back, watched some more TV, I am writing this now and soon we go to bed. Happy new year everyone!

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