Chicken Wings and Video Chat

One of my big cravings whenever I get back to the US is having spicy chicken wings … and I know some people will roll eyes .. but so far, the best I can get with a certain consistency in quality, is at Hooters.

And while having lunch alone, what could make the experience even better? Yes, free wifi and a fun chance to say goodnight to J, while the charming Hooters ladies watch at what is going on and we had Julius putting on his Hallowe’en mask again .. initially the wait staff though that was some video playing .. took them a while to realize that there was a little boy 4000 miles away talking to his dad …

The food was great as usual, as was the friendly service … no weird feelings for coming in and have lunch all by myself .. plus the added costume bonus .. (btw, there are some guys in one picture in uniform … those are NOT costumes :) )

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