Cascina Vrona just got even better

We spent another Saturday – Sunday stay at this beautiful B&B. The weather was not that great, so we arrived kinda late.

Different this time, although we had been to this cascina about 10 – 12 times before, for the first time we enjoyed the adjacent annex room where Rhino had lit a cozy fire, played with Julius .. AND I was very surprised to find a wireless signal and Rhino had the password right away.

The occasion was to meet with our friends Chris, Cris, Lucca & Eric again and enjoy the fantastic dinner.

Besides generous helpings of fried bread with lardo, we also had:crisp bread with rabbit liver paté, raw beef with parmesan, polenta with mixed mushrooms, peppers with bagna caöda, tajarin with meat sauce, sliced roast and / or chicken al forno and then the great mixed dessert platter.

After Christian had thrown a terrible tantrum about him not having any truffles yet (and holding me and Cristina responsible for our bad organizing skills) he finally got some eggs with white truffle shavings on top. By that time I could not even eat anymore.

Next morning we all went to Canale, bought cheese and the boys had fun with the little cake thingies from Saccharia.

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