Hotel Night / Tsukiji Lunch again.

Since we are planning on going to Tokyo Disney Sea tomorrow, and our current dwelling is about 2.5 h by train away from the park (and the whole thing starts at 8 AM) we moved for one night to a hotel in Tsukiji, which is only about 30 – 40 minutes away.

And since Julius had not enjoyed the nice seafood lunch at Taneichi yet (and the pork place we initially wanted to go to ran out of Buta no Kakuni), we did the pretty much same lunch as the day before. With a might ikura don for Julius. He ate all the ikura .. and a lot of the rice.

This gave us a nice break, we were able to walk around Ginza and then we had some nice soba noodles for dinner and enjoyed the hotel room’s bathtub.

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