Peking Duck

Ever since we had Peking Duck at our Asian place in Torino, I wanted to try it somewhere else, maybe a place that specializes on Peking Duck. And Ritsu found us such a place in Shinjuku.

It was not cheap, half a duck is about 50€, but it is prepared to perfection and carved table side. They start with tiny pieces of the breast, served with sugar, and then the chef carves off most of the prime meat and they waitress showed us how to roll those typical pancakes. They were delicious.

My only bone to pick: If you read the description on wiki, there is supposed to be a 3rd course, all the remaining meat in some kind of sauce. Or just give us the leftovers to take home. There was still plenty of meat on that bird. I am sure they re-use it for something … But I kinda feel cheated a bit.

But overall, having the duck and some other yummy food, it was very delicious.

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