Same procedure as every year …

Instead of waking up at 4 AM tomorrow, we did what we had done the last 2 years, we took care of the 3h train ordeal to Narita airport today and we are staying at our lovely Nikko Narita hotel with that close by ramen shop we had visited 3 times before. (1/09, 12/09 and 1/10.)

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  1. Tammy says:

    Hi Peter…..happy new year to the Nackens…..I’m still “following” you and enjoying your travels. Juluis is growing by leaps and bounds. One tiny favor???? Could you add US dollars along with other currencies? I know I could probably goggle it myself but if I talk you into doing it, it saves me a whole step and I can continue reading your awesome blog :)

    • Peter says:

      Hey Tammy! Happy New Year to you to! I have been wondering if / how to include several currencies … and have not come up with a solution yet … but as a very very rough ballpark number indicator you could say 1$ = 100¥ = 1EU

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