Kiyomizu-dera / Gion / back to Tokyo

Gladly the place we stay at is somewhat within walking distance for Gion / Kiyomizu … Since we had left early, it was all still very empty (but also many of the shops were still closed.

One great thing about Kyoto are all the different kinds of pickles and most shops let you try them for free. So we tasted around and kept a mental list of things we would want to buy later.

It has been 10 years since I have been to Kiyomizu and I remembered some parts differently … And discovered other things I had never seen before … Like the ‘Japanese Cupid’ section … In general I was very happy that Julius took such an interest in the whole thing and did not say ‘bah, another temple’ … He liked the whole lighting incents and then praying thing … The ‘special water’ … So … He learns that these places are special … And when he gets older he can sort it out by himself … But overall he was a great walker and explorer (and he is becoming quite the photographer) and after about 2 hours we were templed out and headed for a lunch place we saw earlier … A bit off the main street, their main dish seems to be Maguro, the have a big ‘no baby’ sign at the door. When we asked if Julius was considered a baby, they said ‘as long as he orders his own dish, he is ok’ (reason being that they are very small, have only 11 seats … And want to make a living … Which is understandable … )

After lunch we walked back to pick up our stuff, took a bus to the train station and took the super fast Shinkansen back to Tokyo … And of course, had obento on the ride.

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