And we are back in Italy

Long, but event-less flight day today.

Wake up at 6:30, catch shuttle to airport at 8, at check in we got the ‘family with small child, you can check in at the first class counter’ treatment … similar later on at security check in Frankfurt.

While last time we were in row 59, this time it was 62 … and the galley is located between 59 and 60 … which means in both cases we were pretty much the LAST people when it came to drinks and food … and for dinner they had run out of the chicken teriyaki and only had cheese ravioli left … and I was somewhat really upset about that. (Ritsu even told the FA in Japanese, ‘we live in Italy, the last thing we want right now is cheese ravioli’.

Julius behaved overall very well, watched way too much TV, but also got some good sleep.

We arrived in Frankfurt on time and unlike the years before, our lay over was only 2:25h. After feasting on some pretzls, we boarded our next plane and were soon in the air again. When we approached Turin, we had to do some loops thanks to bad visibility … which was actually ok, we could nap a bit more.

Julius slept all the way in the taxi … but once we were home we helped each other staying awake until 21:30.

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