House shopping part 1

Today we were picked up by our friendly real estate guy Reginald and he drove us around to see 4 possible places … We were very surprised by how huge some places were, how tacky some of them were furnished (carpet is a really bad idea in Fiji’s humid climate).

This one was the first and we liked it quite some … not only is it a 3 bedroom house, but it has a self contained guest apartment on the lower level (which has a huge bathroom, but no extra kitchen) AND a maid’s quarter (yet another bedroom and bath). I also like the open style kitchen in that one.

After 2 houses (#2 was nice, but some rooms a bit small, while on the other hand the garden was gigantic) we took a break and Ritsu had curry again and I tried the lamb burger … with the smallest lamb patty I have ever seen.

Then we continued with item #3 which was a “flat” .. well .. not as in “apartment building” .. it was the upper level of a house, while the caretaker would live downstairs. While it had a nice view of the bay, the interior decorator must have been on crack … red plushy stuff, curtains and carpet … and then really strange wood finishings everywhere … that one we knew right away that this is NOT an option.

The next house had THIS gorgeous view of the bay.

And it also has a pool, a bar in the living room and quite a number of rooms and baths. But the setup was a bit funny and the extra money you pay for a pool was something we had not really thought about yet.

It is not going to be easy to find the perfect place, but we are very content that in time we will see more houses and find the perfect home.

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