Travel to Palermo

With our Easter trip, we got very lucky time wise. Julius had half a day of school on Friday and Ritsu did the same.. so we had the whole afternoon for packing, which of course we did not do … we still had about 2 hours next morning, because our flight was mercifully around noon.

This time, instead of using a car service, we drove and used the long term parking, which saves around 40€. Flight was on time, I got an exit row seat, the ‘snack’ was a joke and we arrived happy but very hungry … but first we had to figure out the shuttle bus system to get to the car rental and then it took about 30 minutes to get that sorted out …

But not only did that lady at Europcar speak English flawlessly, once she saw my passport and asked ‘German?’. she switched to equally fluent German .. which also scored her to sell us some extra insurance .. but in a place we do not know and the prospect of ‘you pay 1700€ if the car gets stolen’ … we rather went with 200€ extra insurance …

First stop .. somewhere in Palermo … McDonalds … we were all hungry and the trusty GPS showed us a big M location right along the way … Chicken Legend … not bad at all …

Then some more driving time in our tiny Fiat lunch-box vehicle, certainly a big change for Ritsu (from big box to tin can and from automatic to stick shift) she did a great job … and we found our place were we are going to stay for a week.

After settling in we walked around and found a nice restaurant (La Botte) … it was kinda funny to see that the outside of the building was very much ‘not done yet’ … but the restaurant part was up and running, though it felt like we first had to pass someone else’s living room … and all evening we were the only guests … but the food was great and the price was extremely reasonable. I had the mixed appetizer platter, Julius wanted a pizza ‘just with cheese’ (Biancaneve / SnowWhite) and Ritsu had the mixed grill seafood platter …. all was great and with water and 1l of local wine at 45€ a great bargain.

Since it was the evening before Easter Sunday, on our way out, we witnessed a procession at a local church .. which was kinda fascinating for Julius (after being templed and shrined out in Japan last New Years)

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