Exploring Mt. Etna (updated)

First of all, this is NOT what we saw … unfortunately we did not have a clear sky. Instead: rain / clouds in the middle, and then snow and gusting wind on the top. (And even hail when we drove down again).

But is was a great adventure overall. We drove to the cable car station and even after discount we paid 120€ for the 3 of us to get up by cable car, then there are 4×4 ‘jeeps’ (actually more like mini busses) that bring you up to 3000m and there waits a guide who takes the group around and explains things in Italian and English.

First it was friggin’ cold, gusting wind mixed with snow, but as soon as we got down into the crater it got better and at some point one could even feel the heat coming from the rocks beneath us. The whole walk was about 1h, we were told on clear days there are beautiful views towards the sea, but as you can see from the video, we could hardly see the next tour group.

And here are some pics:

[update 5/15/11]
Since we do not really have access to local news in English, it took us a while to hear that a mere 2 weeks after our Etna visit, the mountain had decided to erupt again! There are some spectacular videos on YouTube … i.e. this one.

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  1. Renata says:

    fast wie eine Mondlandschaft, aber sicher ein beeindruckendes Erlebnis. Ich kenne den Etnanur aus der Ferne von Capri aus, Habt noch schöne Urlaubstage! Hugs Mama

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