Salad day

Today we got the first chance to do some more serious shopping. After asking around the day before, we heard that we could get some fresh fish at Sant’agata (a 15 min drive away)

It took us a while to find the seaside and found a fish seller quite quickly and I am still not sure if that guy totally ripped me off … but 5€ for half a kilo of anchovies did not sound to bad (43 fishies)

We also added some supermarket shopping and got plenty of things to make salads … so .. lunch was salad with egg and tuna

For dinner I started filleting the fishies and then made a salad with freshly fried shrimp, slices of raw asparagus and the the fried anchovies.

After dinner we met with a recommended ‘guide’ Dominico at Bar lungo mare, nice chat, nice walk back, made reservations for dinner next day.

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