Sunday lunch (again) at Cascina Vrona

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While we did not have an overnight here at Cascina Vrona this time (fully booked, we came anyways to enjoy their Sunday lunch. After visiting Canale, we came a tad early so that Julius could show the animals to David and Amy.

They also had a lot of fun playing chasing bubbles.

The place was packed, this time we were situated in the ‘out house’. Let’s line up the food:

– Cold cuts and fricciule (fried bread)

This is always evil, the bread is so good (and so are the cold cuts) one can totally overeat just on this. They even made a special, glutin free batch for David.

– Salad of cheese, cellery and walnuts.

Yummy affair, but a tad too cheesy for me at times.

– again, vitello tonato (sorry, no pic)

I’d say the roast was better than yesterday’s, but Dave preferred the tonato sauce from the evening before.

– Flan of asparagus with fonduta (cheese sauce)

Always tasty! I think David got his very own portion, just making sure that it was glutin free.

– plin al burro e salvia (butter and sage)

– tajarin al ragu (meat sauce)

Their 2 signature pasta dishes. Both delicious.

– slice of brasatto (beef roast) with oven baked potatoes

By that time we are too full anyways. But a nice change from the usual rabbit.

– panna cotta and chocolate apricot cake.

To die for! Could have had some zabaione with that.

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