Shitty weather 2nd day in Berlin = shopping

Perfect weather to do explore the neighborhood and do some first shopping. For this we found the Arcade at Schönhauser Allee where we got some warmer stuff and ended the whole thing with a very nice Döner Kebab.

For the afternoon we had an appointment at a place that specializes in vaccinations (for people who go to funky countries, like us). Since Julius’ is pretty much up-to-date, he only needed 1 (big drama), Ritsu, since she travels around all the time anyways, only needed 2 … and then me … last vac-check-up over 10 years ago, so, I pretty much needed everything … but the doctor limited it to 5 (for now) … I / We still might need typhoid and rabies shots … that was a fun afternoon and our first glimpse at ‘Unter den Linden’ area.

For dinner we picked another Asian place (our neighborhood is full of with them) and this time it was Singaporean fusion cuisine. A very nice place called ‘Asin‘ and although it rained, we were able to sit outside. Everyone spoke English and German. And while on first glance they seem to be a bit more expensive than other places around, all their dishes come with soup, salad, bread, rice and dessert.

All of it was very tasty, service friendly and on top of it, they just told us that it was Happy Hour now, so drinks were cheaper (it was not advertised anywhere and we did not have to ask). Very nice.

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