Some random street pictures

Something I wanted to post last week, but between power outs and internet not working, things take time.

Just a bit of what it looks around the main busy street here. Obviously you can buy a lot of cheap clothing … ‘original Levis’ I see quite often. Prices are all negotiable. I got a shirt down from 10$ to 6$.

The blue/white cars you can see are they most common taxis around here … there is something like a yellow taxi, but so far I have only seen them at the airport and allegedly they are the only ones allowed to enter the Sheraton compound.

So far I have been happy with the blue/whites. They seem to fall apart at the seems, but they get you from A to B and most drivers speak sufficient English.

One thing about spending 3+ h in a taxi every day: the amount of Diesel fume inhaled. Incredible.

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