African Beer Garden Experience

Today, yet another rainy day, we had the great idea to try the Garden Bräuer Pub @ The Beer Garden Inn. And we were very happy indeed.

The place is not too far (30ETB by taxi) and the setting is somewhat surreal. Inside they have the only micro-brewery in Ethiopia. The kettles and such of course coming from Germany.

Then outside, instead of a tent, there is a long hut, with typical beer garden benches and tables. And the local waitresses wear very German dresses to add to the atmosphere. Some of them can even nicely pronounce the more complicated German dishes like Bratwurst and Bräuerbraten.

As for the food: Nice selection. Some very typical German items like pork roast with dumplings, veggies and dark beer gravy (the pork was tender, the veggies great, the dumplings a tad cold). Interestingly, so far, all the places we went, pork was always way more expensive than chicken or beef. But this particular pork roast dish is at 65ETB rather cheap.

Other things we had, a pork sausage with sauerkraut (probably home made, was a whee bit to sour / tangy for me) … A fantastic fresh salad (we had been veggie deprived for some time now) and of course Julius wanted fries … And the platter you can see on the photo … That is the SMALL portion!

In general, the portions were very generous, that one salad was enough for all of use to share.

Now, let’s get to the beer and the atmosphere:

The beer is pretty good, and cheap (1.20€ for half a liter), it also comes in all sizes from 0.2l to the ‘tower of beer’ 3l module, which I have never seen before, but another German person told me that this is now all the rage, and I doubt the Ethiopians have invented that. It comes in 2 flavors: Blondy and Ebony. Next time I will try Ebony.

When we came, around 2:30PM, I feared that we might miss the lunch hour, but boy was I wrong … We came just early enough before things got started. It appears that this place is a hotspot for watching soccer games. And by the time our food came, all tables were full and I counted at least 8 of those ‘beer bongs’ among 15 tables.

Very nice atmosphere, service friendly, albeit a tad slow (which is normal for Addis) but we surely will come again and try their other food. For those who are tired of German, they also have pizza and some injerah dishes.

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    na denn mal prost!!!!! Kiss mama

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