Monkey Bars & Cow (Video)

Today was supposed to be some kind of ‘informal’ play date at school (since Wednesday means early dismissal, but we can use the playgrounds there) …

Unfortunately only his class pal Nanami stayed for like 10 minutes until her mom came.

But I was very delighted to see that Julius has finally figured out the monkey bars:

He kept playing a bit more and I saw him on the swings with some kids from other grades, but then it got cloudy again, the rain-a-looming … and we headed out to look for a taxi, which turned out to be a bit trickier in that corner than I had thought.

I even went inside some shops asking if they know a nearby cab driver they could call … but they all just looked out of the window and said ‘He is not here’ …

So, Julius kept munching on his doughnut while a cow passed by and finally we found a taxi and to my surprise, the guy quoted as a price what would have been my maximum to pay (since I also know the way very well by now and the pricing) .

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