Welcome to Laphto

Laphto is the ‘shopping mall’ very close by (right next to our friendly neighbor, the ever-singing, ever-dancing church) and it has some neat features that we will check out over time. I.e. Ritsu already went to the gym there for a yoga class.

Part of that gym is also a nice outdoor swimming pool and we will check out the rates once it gets warm enough for that.

A nice selection of of shops, mainly geared towards the expats who live around here. I can find some Italian white wine for about 10€. There are souvenir shops, a very 1960-ies styled cafe (in the cool James Bond way, not the ‘we only got old stuff’ way) and they make some ok food … but their free wi-fi is not woking … or at least not with the password / login they gave me .. but the couches are nice enough to invite kiddo for a snooze after dinner.

As an extra, a nice sunset I took when I came back from shopping.

I am very curious how they will further develop this place … there is talk about a movie theater … there is allegedly a ‘club’ in there, but I have yet to find it and I never see the kind of traffic on weekends that people would expect. Wait and see. So far I am just happy I have a supermarket in walking distance and once it gets warmer a pool to throw kiddo in …

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