Handicrafts bazaar at tropical gardens.

Nice that for the holidays there are quite a few markets going on (to stock up on presents and souvenirs. ANd this market had quite a few nice things: I scored a fantastic leather bag that in NYC would easily be 300$ .. for 50$ … and Ritsu even got one for 20$ … we saw many other nice things … but we wait until May, when they do that market again.

We got a few business cards … but as usual here, the address is a problem … mainly they describe the area and then ‘we are in the orange container’ …

We ran into Aiko and Youri and spent some time at the German beer garden with beer and sausages.

Julius had fun at the face paint station (not only do they charge admission to the market, but all those kids’ activities are extra, too) …. and too bad they did not know how to paint a German flag 😀

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  1. Ritsu says:

    I think my bag was more like 30 USD…

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