Japan 2000: Day 1

Travel Day !!! Waking up at 3:45 AM is no fun at all .. and then you show up at the airport in time, just to find out that you can wait another 1.5 hours in line. There was even a camera team of channel 7 asking people how they feel about the delays (oh, yeah, we sure love them.) But nothing could stop us now !!!

And here we are waiting happily in line tired from a night of nearly no sleep. What was especially nice was the feeling that you punished for coming in time. People who came later were pulled out of the line once their depurture time came critically close. Thus we were not moving it all the last 40 minutes, because they had to serve the latecomers.

Anyways .. finally we were checked in and on the plane to Chicago.

Besides a mediocre breakfast (cornflakes, low fat milk, no sugar … what is this ? Fat-camp ??) nothing special to report.

After some initial confusion in Chicago (Temperature 2F) we found our gate and were soon on board our trusty 747 and lift off was pretty much in time. And food came soon afterwards.

What I found particulary amazing and pleasing on this flight was the lack of screaming toddlers :)

Don getting all giddy over his sukiyaki style braised beef.

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  1. Josh says:

    I love pictures of Japan.I still live there after all these years.What I miss most about 2000 is the leather.Everyone wore leather.I used to jerk off over all the women and men wearing leather down the street.Unfortunately leather isnt popular anymore.Boo Boo!

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