Japan 2000: Day 2

Nightfall was replaced with just closing the windowshades, gin & tonics, and the imense boring Bruce Willis movie “The Kid” which put everyone to sleep.

And so we crossed the dateline without really noticing it. Suddenly it was Tuesday.

The first meal we had (lunch ? dinner ? ) was some Sukiyaki style beef which was actually tastewise pretty neat, but roughly enough for a grown man. So we ate whatever we could get (Ok, so not everything is eaten with chopsticks ) and tried to keep dozing off. At least the flight attendent was very nice and knew how to make Gin & Tonics.

Once we got closer I started playing with my iBook ( And this is how it looks like when a 6’2 person tries to set up shop in that small confined space of coach) and since the on-board movie selection was so fantastic, we changed to DVD and watched “Chasing Amy”, only to be left with a cliffhanger when 11 minutes before end the (allegedly 6 hour) battery died.

Anyways .. the 13.5 hour flight came to an end eventually and mind I say with the worst landing I have ever experienced (and i have been flying quite some .. i would estimate I have experienced 500 landings so far) .. but this one was not only bumpy, it also felt as if we were skidding from side to side, trying to find balance….

Looks like we made it in one piece.

After leaving the plane passport control and customs was no hassle. And then we had another 3 hours fun riding several trains with multiple stops to finally finally get to Himeji. It was too dark to see anything besides loud-blinking patchinko parlours, but we were also very very tired … we all dozed of on the train, and some old smelly guy on the train felt compelled to practice his english on me, by asking me for the time (hey, i have no watch, but he had )

And here is our room where lovely Hisako brings us Tea (hey, i ordered Beer !!! )

After 24 hours of travelling (which followed a night of only 90 minutes sleep) we had NO problem hitting the sack and falling asleeep. But alas, at 6 AM i woke up already and so I lay here and type away my update.

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