Even after 11 years (and what I think is my 10th trip to Japan, I have to check), there is always something new to discover. This time Uta-chan introduced us (me?) to Chanko-nabe, the food of the sumo wrestlers.

It “is a Japanese stew (a type of nabemono or one-pot dish) commonly eaten in vast quantity by sumo wrestlers as part of a weight-gain diet.”

Offered as a course meal, we first got a very nice portion of sashimi, with a little Santa in the middle, then some finger-licking tasty chicken wings. And then came the stew, which looked ginormous, but we actually ate pretty much all of it.

In a very flavorful white miso based broth we found slices of pork, pieces of fish, some shrimp (one per person), chicken meat and veggies. Once we had eaten that, they brought some udon noodles to simmer in the leftover broth. It was delicious!

(Square pics now single-clickable)

The only downside might be, since the whole place is sumo themed (and is very close to the Asakusa sumo arena), you keep constantly seeing images of big fat men in what looks like diapers, on posters and on the big screen TV … but obviously the food is so good that this did not spoil my appetite.

update: Tripadvisor link

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3 Responses to Chanko-nabe

  1. ragazza says:

    Mmmm . . . looks amazing. I am filing away your restaurant experiences for some future trip to Japan!

  2. Peter says:

    @ ragazza, I will see if I can get the name of that restaurant, it was really nice.

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