Making 餅

I noticed earlier this morning that in the communal space of the apartment area was some strange pounding going on … later I found out that this was some kind of party and people were making o-mochi from scratch … something I have only heard about, but never seen … and of course, never did myself … but this time I got to swing the hammer to smash that rice into a pulp.

Once it was all smacked up, for 200¥ one could help themselves to however much you wanted. They prepared the o-mochi in 3 flavors. Red bean, daikon and something i think was with sesame. Filling and nice (and home made) …

And kids love it, too

(Julius was too focused on his LEGO project to come out with us. I only asked him like 20 times. And I really think that he missed something. But at least he is learning to focus on something, which is great)

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