Petra, Night Walk!

Gladly one of the 2 nights we are here featured the night walk to Petra again. But it was quite different this time! Seems they have given up on the instructional session which included rules like ‘let’s walk single file’ and ‘let’s keep our voices down’.

People were just let in and started walking, talking, taking lots of flash pictures in the night, spent time and battery to immediately check them and show around. Since last time it seems now EVERYONE has a digicam and thus the ensuing lightning storm was even more annoying. It is impossible to adjust your eyes to the dark when someone flashes right in your face.

Yes, I did some flash pics, too. But in general I tried without and sitting very still.

The setting was again very beautiful and after a while they started the ‘show’ while handing out plastic cups with mint tea. The show had 2 long songs, 1 on a string instrument (‘Rababa’ ?) with singing and one was flute only. The flutist kept wandering around slowly, so that we could experience the sound from different accoustic points.

Last came up a story teller who explained to us the meanings of these songs, told us a bit about Petra and finally he had that great idea to count to three and then everyone take a flash picture! That resulted in the below image, which looks like the treasury being illuminated by high powered lights. But those are just hundreds of flashes going off at about the same time.

Slightly blinded and tired we started the way back. In total we had walked 8 km. Tomorrow will be more!

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