Dinner @ Ashur

One of the many restaurants at our hotel is called Ashur, great name for an ‘Italian’ restaurant. (Last time we were here, we came from Italy, so no reason to go to a faux Italian restaurant)

Very nice setting right at one of the pools:

It was a bit tricky / confusing to get a reservation. We saw them in full swing when we decided to go there. But that was 5 minutes before they closed to change from lunch to dinner setting for an hour. And first I was told that they are fully booked. But after a while, the nice concierge found us a solution and we had some nice food. Nothing spectacular, but we were also not in the mood to pay like 25€ for one dish …

So, it came down to pizza, chicken tenders and a caesar salad. Which were all very nice, as was the service.

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