My ear hurts!

No Easter vacation would be complete without seeing a doctor. Last time we had that was actually in Turkey in April 09.

But this time it was the return of the evil ear infection, which Julius had not have since Jamaica 4/07. He kept us up all night with complaining about ear discomfort combined with his legs hurting (growth spurt). So, in the morning I asked at the reception for a doctor and was told that there is actually a nurse, usually coming in at 8:30. I left my phone# and we left to enjoy the breakfast (see next post).

Julius was ok and peachy and ate well. I got our call around 9:30 that the nurse is not coming in today, but that they can get us over to the next door Mövenpick, where they have a full clinic. So with a small golf cart we went and met a very nice doctor who confirmed that there is some infection going on and he put Julius on antibiotics.

By tomorrow, when we fly back (and ears should be ok to deal with the pressure change) he should be up and running again.

Update 5PM: after a nice 2h nap Julius woke up rested, watched some TV … And then puked on the bed …

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