Breakfast of the Champions.

One of the highlights here (and something I am looking forward to every morning) is the breakfast. It is a very extensive buffet which is top notch. It includes some of my favorite items like smoked salmon & trout and sparkling wine, freshly pressed juices, a nice selections of bread & cheese. Fresh yoghurt, fruits, cold cuts, hot breakfast items, local Jordanian dishes. Pretty much everything.

We did not know last time we were here that there are actually 2 restaurants serving breakfast. And the ‘Obelisk’ has actually more items (and more bottles of bubbly) and a very nice outdoor seating area.

The point is just to come early, as when the families with little kids start pouring in, the noise level raises quite some ( a) the kids b) the sound of movement of chairs is incredibly annoying). And you need to keep watching your food, otherwise the birds will start eating from it.

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