And we are back in Addis Ababa

The trip back was a very mixed bag.

I managed to get us a 90 minute late check-out, which meant we could enjoy our breakfast in peace, have one last dip in the Dead Sea + mud covering, take a shower and then slowly get packed.

The drive to the airport was ok, although it really needs better signage. At one point I just followed a sign to Amman-South, because it felt right, and after a bit there was finally a sign ‘Airport’ again.

We dropped off the car and went to departures, exactly 2 h before flight would leave. But they would not let us go through security (just like last time), saying there is no one at check-in yet. They said ‘2h before’ … I reminded them it IS 2h before … anyways they made us wait half an hour, then we could go through. But still, no one at check-in.

We asked around and got the great information that the check-in would open at 6PM … for a flight that departs at 6:10 !!!!

Naturally I made a fuzz and after another 15 minutes waiting, someone (not from the airline) checked us in. Then through immigration, another 15 minutes wasted. We barely managed to do some essential duty free shopping, when the same check-in guy showed up and said that we have to go to the gate RIGHT AWAY! But I took the time to pay the goods we had (he appeared as if we had to give up on our duty free stuff) and then we followed him. He ushered us through yet another security check (always fun to take a belt off and then on again when you are being rushed) and then we were on the plane.

It was only half full (it had come from London) and so I could get my own row. Food was surprisingly nice, I cannot recall that I ever finished my in-flight pasta on a plane before. Even the piece of tart was very tasty.

We landed ahead of schedule, all our luggage was there, Fikru was waiting for us and soon we were home.

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