Luisenpark, Mannheim (+ Birthday Party)

Today we did a day trip to Mannheim, which is about 100km from our location. A city I have never visited before.

The main reason was that an old colleague from way back when (funny, how Facebook reconnects people) invited me to her daughters birthday party. The girl turned 8 so all the kids were in Julius’ age range.

The party was inside the beautiful Luisenpark in Mannheim (for out of town guests, 6€ per adult 3€ per kid entrance fee) and I wish I had more time to explore, the park looks very beautiful, has lots of play areas for kids (including a mud play area, a trampoline house, several playgrounds … ), there are also animals, of which we only marveled at some birds on the way to find the place of the party. There were storks nesting on top of one big cage. And I heard later they also have penguins somewhere …

It took us a bit to find the party venue, but we still arrived early and helped setting up. Then kids and parents and grandparents started pouring in and they first started with a game of marbles, which at some point turned into soccer with marbles.

Followed by fun with balloons and then the buffet was open and the kids got some extra power before we headed outside for some fun and games. Julius especially had fun with a boy named Felix, they compared their Kung-Fu skills. There was lots of running around and then it was time to unwrap presents and cut the cake.

I know that many other games had been planned (like a sack race or some fun looking game in which the kids get a ball attached to there heads by a stocking and they are supposed to knock down bottles), but it was time for us to leave (since we had to drive 100km back) … And Julius got a bit antsy towards the end. One boy who just arrived 15 minutes before we left had brought his Nintendo DS (sigh) and that was then the focus of the boys (and Julius kept asking me how to ask in German ‘can I play, too’ .. but seems that boy was not in a sharing mood.

Overall it was a great party in a nice location and Julius had fun with other kids and outdoors.

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