Greetings from Vienna, Austria!

We finally arrived at our hotel at 10:30 PM …

But chronologically … While I was supermarket shopping I received several emails from Ritsu that her flight from Addis to Frankfurt is 1h delayed …. which is not good when you know that you only have 90 mins layover in Frankfurt.

Julius, me and GroƟpapa left the house at 4PM on the dot, arrived at the airport in good time, checked in, said our goodbyes and went through security. I had already asked at check-in if Ritsu would have a chance to catch the flight. And this person was optimistic.

When we reached the gate, I asked those people, and they were more like ‘ok, the plane is on the ground, but still not in parking position’ (and that was 5:15PM, 15 minutes before boarding.) basically saying ‘no chance’

A bus collected us and shuttled us to the plane. And I kept looking for Ritsu … I was getting really suspicious when I noticed that someone else was sitting in Ritsu’s seat (My guess later, they filled seats with people from the wait list)

So, we took off without her, the flight was short and pretty eventless and we arrived a bit delayed in Vienna (thanks to bad weather, they said) … Then another ordeal began: Finding the counter for the rental car. While my voucher said they are in the arrival hall, it turned out (after several long excursions with all the luggage, each of them more than a km) that they are in the parking structure (#4) and on level 0, with their own door.

Following the signage is utterly confusing and will let you end up on level -1, which is parking only and no one to ask …

Anyways, once I found the counter, there was quite a crowd and only one over-challanged girl dealing with impatient customers. I barely got all my paper stuff done in time to race back (still with the luggage) to the exit to wait for Ritsu.

It took a while for her to get her suitcase, but it was a very sweet ‘mommy, have not seen you in such a long time … ‘ moment.

Then we found our car and were quickly on our way to the hotel. They were nice enough to wait beyond the 10PM checkin in time limit (after I called them) … and now it is late and time to sleep !!!

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