Donnersbachwald / Riesneralm / Hochsitz

Today we had to leave our home for one week and move on. But since our SommerCard was still valid, we wanted to take in one more cable car, one more mountain.

We checked on our map what was on the way and found one (Schladming Tauern, something like that) and when we arrived it all looked very dead. We moved on and then heard at a nearby gas station that in summer only the ‘old’ lift is operating. So we went there. Just to find out that a) this one is really old b) the gondolas are miniscule with only 4 people capacity and c) it seems they can only do 4 people in 10 minutes = 24 people per hour. And there was a line of 40 in front of us.

So, we reconsidered and picked the last possibility on our way out in Donnersbachwald.

While we had to leave the main road for quite a bit, we were rewarded with not 1 but 2 open chair lifts and a really fun walk area, a nice summit, a wooden animal zoo, a beautiful looking place to eat (with meager menu), overall a fun place.

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