Lunch @ Forsthaus, Fischbach

Ritsu and I took a trip (yep, just us) to a place in the middle of nowhere which happens to have a bunch of nice reviews online and 2 toques in the Gault Millau guide.

The restaurant does not look like much .. well, it looks like a good ‘Gasthaus’ you would expect for this area. And they have one page of the menu devoted to the typical local cuisine of Styria, including things I had no idea what they could be.

But it was especially the appetizer section (since we only had time and stomach for a light lunch) that caught our eyes. So we settled on a dish of trout (one piece marinated, one piece tenderly poached, with lots of interesting looking garnishes) and tartar of Almo beef, which came with potato rösti and pumpkin seed pesto. (Did I mention that on this trip I fell in love with pumpkin seed oil?)

I’d love to return for dinner. But be aware that it is on the pricy side. While you can get a big Wiener Schnitzel with fries for 8.90€, our 2 appetizers where 30€ together, plus water and juice (no wine nor beer) and they actually charged 1.20€ for ‘specialty bread’ … we ended up paying 50€ (‘just’ for lunch)

In the end, it was delicious!

Christian Übeleis
Fischbach 2
Tel. (03170) 201

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