Giant pork knuckle @ Salm Bräu

For one last Austrian culinary experience:

This “Surstelze” is not only the size of Julius’ head … at 20.40€ it feeds easily 2.5 people. And on sundays they give it away at 15€ ! I did not try it, but I heard good things. I enjoyed my spare ribs (yum) and Ritsu finally had a ‘real’ Wiener Schnitzel, made from veal (not pork, not chicken)

Food very nice, service more on the efficient side (trying to maximize turnover of patrons) and while one could easily think this must be a tourist trap, it did not feel like it.

I was not too happy with our waitress though (Jana), who initially brought all drinks in big (while we asked for small), it felt like that she hoped that the ‘stupid foreigners’ would not complain [and I am not even sure if maybe in the end she charged for the big drinks, I did not get to double-check the check].

And when we paid she asked if the rest money was her tip in a tone that sounded like ‘what? that’s it?’ … but sorry, what do you expect when you do not even bring us cutlery?

Salm Bräu Klosterbrauerei
Rennweg 8
Vienna 1030

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