Japan 2000: Day 5

What a very long long day … getting up .. train riding until oblivion .. no sleep !!! but that sums up the 3 day Osaka experience pretty well:

so … after some wild train riding and schlepping the suitcase full of overnight stuff (had I only known that that was one of the tasks ahead) .. and then this suitcase would not fit into any of the coinlockers … we arrived in Osaka which greeted us with a nice big red ferrie’s weel.

We saw a lot of several subway and trainstations .. but we also managed to find the redlight district immediatelly (by accident of course … hey, I have never been there .. but Don has :) .. this is him calling Toshi .. the guy we would stay with later

This is another shot of lovely crowded Osaka … many people !!! .. and Santas giving away tissues … since everyone seems to have a cold .. One district is known as “american mirror”. And this is as bad as it can get … If you are a japanese person and you want to deny where you are from .. get your clothes and your friends here … you see every kind ouf weirdness here (which in the US would probably harmless .. but looks out of place here)

Here we are meeting some of Don’s online pal’s .. it looks like he is selling something .. but it is only selfmade CDs ..

we went to a show by a band called OOIOO .. Don loved it .. i was not too impressed .. but hey .. first time in a japanese dance club .. was somewhat neat .. but too loud after a while … the guys we met were all crazy I believe … but fun ..

This was after the concert .. I was really tired then .. we took one more goofy shot .. and then we went from Osaka to Gotenyama, where Toshi lives .. we arrived around 11:30 PM

Going to Toshi’s was fun .. it was a slightly longer ride (which cost 34OY) and i had a very hard time keeping awake .. but finally we arrived …

It seems to be a nice quite suburb of Osaka .. we shopped for snacks at the un-kon-bini (un-convenient store) and then spend a loooong night ….

There was chatting, video game, silly TV shows (check out the video later) … very late an old friend of Toshi and Don came over, Hiroko, and we all had a good time, although everyone in between would doze off and on again, until 7 am or so … Hiroko had to catch the first train in the morning … so me and Toshi brought her down to the station while D. was already snoring …

before the big sleep came in, we had some fun with the video camera.

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