The long trip home

Actually, this time is wasn’t even that bad.

To start with, knowing that we have a fairly early flight, Ritsu booked us into the NH Vienna Airport hotel, which is really just across the street from the airport … so, an easy walk, even with all the luggage (We had 5 pieces to be checked in, gladly LH has that rule that in economy TO east, west, central Africa one can bring 2 pieces of luggage). Checking in was a breeze and even security check was easy.

On our way to the gate Julius remembered that when we arrived in Vienna, he saw some huge video display turned video game (while I could not even remember which airport we saw that) … but not only that, he remembered exactly where it was and found it. While we did not have that much time, I let him play a bit.

We were a bit antsy since we knew that we would have not a very long lay-over in Frankfurt and that IF we’d miss the connecting plane to Addis, we’d be stuck in FRA for 12 h and would arrive in ADD 6:15 AM next day (with J’s school starting at 8AM). But the plane left on time, we arrived right on the clock and besides a loooong trek from one part of the airport to our departure gate (no further security check, surprise!) we got to our gate with ample time, boarded and enjoyed the very different quality of Lufthansa (compared to Ethiopian airlines).

Food was pretty good. They noticed early that they would run out of chicken soon (the other option was lamb) and our FA remembered Julius (and thinking that kids don’t like lamb) she reserved one chicken for him. By the way, the lamb dish was very yummy. Inflight entertainment was nice, nothing really that I would want to watch on those tiny 4:3 screens, constantly interrupted by PA messages, but kiddo was happy and I had the luxury of having the seat next to me free, which meant extra space.

Around sunset we landed in Khartoum, to let some people out and to refuel. We were grounded for about an hour, then we continued to Addis and arrived there in time.

To our dismay, the diplomat line at immigration was now shared with the business class people and it took just as long as the ‘other’ line. And then we got a call from Fikru, that our car is once again not working and that he cannot come pick us up. But he had sent a taxi friend.

Luggage was all there and undamaged, we found our taxi, and to my surprise we managed to get it all our suitcases into the car and also the 3 of us. 30 minutes later we were home.

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