Mac mini arrived – after exactly 100 days!

100 days after the mac mini was announced and I had ordered it, and 3 days after I had sent an email directly to Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs, my new computer has finally arrived.

I have no clue if today’s arrival was a direct result of my email or mere coincidence. No one mentioned the email. Interesting.

Still setting up and installing software, so much fun when a machine is crisp and new. Everything seems to be working and it is amazing just how much technology is crammed into that tiny space.

Ok, ok … as requested, here the very first shot which I took when I booted the machine for the first time. I am still waiting for daylight (and for me to clean up my desk again) before I take some nicer shots.

And in case you guys are missing me on IRC … the irc server once again would not let me in these days .. bummer

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6 Responses to Mac mini arrived – after exactly 100 days!

  1. koomi says:

    [x] want pictures

  2. Daiko says:

    Yeah hook us up with some nice pictures

  3. Aaron says:

    How about one with it next to Julius. Should be just about his size 😉
    Looks great!

    Let me know how it performs with simple iMovie/iDVD functions.

  4. Eddie says:

    haha, I already suggest that with Pete Aaron!

    be careful, the baby might swallow the Mac Mini! 😉

  5. ted says:

    I have the same desklamp! Wow! (actually, wow.)

  6. koomi says:
    german article on an external harddrive that fits under the mac mini. looks rather good.

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