Daily Julius: Baby Elephant Walk (video)

Somehow he skipped the phase where he is supposed to use his knees for crawling … I have never seen a baby crawl like this and had a hard time giving it a name: Spider-Move?, Crab-Side-Crawl? … Then I remembered that Mancini tune, and I think I now know what he must have been thinking when he composed it.

Youtube Link

[update] Fun with Youtube … they obviously now have some sneaky software that enables them to trace back the background music and inform the copyright police … on one case (sleepeater) they have turned the video silent … In general I found that if it is WGA, they let you keep the music, but display a link to buy the song on iTunes. If is Sony (as in this case) the whole video is blocked only in Germany! … I don’t get the logic .. what with all the karaoke videos and people doing the ‘Single Ladies‘ dance (In this case. 11 million views and not a single copyright note)?

Anyhoo, as of today (2/20/2010) Baby Elephant walk is the most viewed Julius video with nearly a quarter million views(after they yanked a totally harmless bath video) and looking at the statistics, it was even featured in March 09 (no one told me)

Here’s the stats so far:

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9 Responses to Daily Julius: Baby Elephant Walk (video)

  1. koomi says:


  2. Laura says:

    Too cute. :)

  3. Actually, I’ve read that that is a normal (if rare) way of crawling for some babies. I did a lot of research on odd manners of crawling when Isaac started to get mobile, because for the first month-and-a-half or so that Isaac crawled, he was totally stuck in reverse! He clearly wanted to crawl forward, but somehow always managed to go backwards instead (Now he crawls normally, though).

    Some things I’ve read say that babies who crab-crawl the way Julius does in that clip usually turn out to be early walkers, so watch out!

  4. And of course, after I did all the research on crawling, trying to allay nagging worries that Isaac might be somehow developmentally impaired (nevermind that all the mainstream childcare experts say that even babies who never crawl _at_all_ are perfectly normal– of course as a mother I still managed to conjure bizarre scenarios, and was helped along in my paranoia by well-meaning but uninformed friends and relatives who were all too ready to offer meaningless warnings and advice)– after all my worrying and work, one morning Isaac woke up with both an unexpected new tooth and the instant unexplained ability to crawl forwards not just perfectly normally but, in fact, exceptionally well. I called my mother to tell her that her grandson was finally crawling like a champ, and she mentioned to me that I myself had crawled backwards until I was 10 months old.

    Why it hadn’t occurred to her to mention this fact PREVIOUSLY, I’ll never know. LOL 😉

  5. jonathan says:

    Julius’ Japanese bloodline displaying itself here. His motions are very much along the lines of my favourite Sumo wrestler, Mainomi.

    Future yokozuna, he’ll be.

  6. Eddie says:

    I was laughing, not because of the cuteness of his crawl, but because I have the speaker off in my PowerBook, for some reason a rap songs pop up in my head in sync of Julius crawl and the quick camerawork!

  7. Peter says:

    hmm .. i could have used Sir Mix-A-Lots “Baby got Back” aka “I like big butts …”

  8. Anonymous says:

    He’s a champ, for sure. That is the discerning crawl of a maestro. My now 3 yr old developed a similar monkey run which was the greatest party trick ever. Just like Julius but on speed, I guess.

    He crawled properly at 6 months, up stairs 3 days later, walked on his 10 month birthday. But the monkey run was best. I miss it. You will too.

  9. liz says:

    very cute, last night i met a baby and a dad… The baby did not use his legs at all he used only his arms in a seated position. I never saw anything like it, and he was quick! Doc. told them it was okay, he will have the strongest arms ever… your baby strong legs, for sure.

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