REAL sushi / sashimi in Addis !!!

Inspired by the wonderful Sunday brunch we had at the Sheraton, and continuing the pre-celebration, we now wanted to try the Asian buffet that Summerfields offers every Tuesday.

The big draw for that is the REAL sushi / sashimi (while I wrote about faux sushi on sunday, because the only fish protein to be found then was this crab stick immitation)

This time around (and one wonders if they fly that in that day from Djibuti) fresh (not smoked) salmon and tuna. Some rolls had eel in them. And just by chance I found out that the sushi chef is hiding a jar of salmon roe (probably his highest priced ingredient) behind the counter … and to get some, you have to ask for it. When I asked the second time, he gave me another spoon full but said ‘that’s it!’

Besides filling up on this first (fearing it might be gone soon, but the sushi chef kept making more and new all the time) there are also many other Asian dishes, and I focused on the ones that have ingredients which are hard to get in Addis or very expensive, i.e. Thai-style butterfly shrimp, roasted duck in hoisin sauce (a bit chewy). There were several curries. (Unfortunately, the mixed veggies in garlic looked like they had been sitting there since the morning)

There was a buffet of cold salads with ‘seafood’ (octopus rings / crab stick) which did not look too inviting, or maybe we were just getting full … and then there was of course again the dessert table waiting.

A great place to go when you have not had raw fish in a while, and by now I trust Summerfields in terms of freshness. If you just stepped out of a plane from Tokyo, you might be underwhelmed.

The price is pretty steep (for Addis) at about 55€ pp (Julius was again on the house) and there are no drinks included, not even water.

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