Today & Dinner at Santorini

Interesting day. First I tried to fuel the car (Last night the gas station was already closed at 6:15 PM). But the gas station was out of fuel (that happens sometimes before month end and they are hoping for a price increase) .. thus horseback riding and school library did not happen.

We tried all day to get in touch with our driver, but being weekend and such, no success.

To add to that, my internet ran out (which is weird, after only been in the country for 7 days, and the same happened to my phone.)

We also had several short term power outs, just after Ritsu told me there were no power outs in the last 2 weeks.

Anyways, for dinner I got in touch with our friend Dirk, suggesting to go to Dimma (which is in walking distance for us), but he offered Santorini instead. I had heard about this ‘Greek Tavern’, but could find very little online. They are not listed on Tripadvisor and it all comes down to their own Facebook page. There is also a map on Foursquare, which is utterly wrong.

So, I called, made a reservation and we enjoyed a very nice meal (I guess leftover beef and lamb shaped into Köfte) with somewhat soggy fries but a kick ass tzatsiki.

Also nice were those mini bottles of Ouzo, which seemed to be on the house. (yeah, SEEMED, I was just been told they were NOT)

For a Saturday night it was surprisingly empty, but staff was great and we had a great time. It is just not that easy to find. I tried to check in on Foursquare, but that never worked. But Dirk got the coordinates, so I hope this is a more helpful map:

Always keeping in mind that street names as displayed on google maps mean squat here in the ‘real world’. The best pointers are ‘off Debre Zeyt Road’ and ‘past the Greek Embassy’.

We had too much fun chatting and enjoying the food … so .. no pictures …

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  1. Ritsu says:

    Is there restraint where the green arrow is or the red ‘A’ is???

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