I suck at baking!

This was a fun task. School sent out a letter about a cookie election … I had no real idea what that means .. but I was up for it ..

It turned out it would be sugar vs. chocolate chip cookie … not individual contestants.

Having had all kinds of ideas in mind, like using mini M&Ms and macadamia nuts, I started to ask stupid questions .. like ‘how about nuts, do we know which kids might be allergic?’ or ‘considering the rules of fasting … pretty much every cookie recipe contains butter (an animal product)’ …

One clear-up email said ‘no nuts’ .. but that was pretty much it …

The other challenge is baking at 2400m above sea level … Ritsu signed me up to make 50 miniature cookies, which I thought very possible, but it becomes a challenge when you are in high altitude, you are suffering from allergy symptoms you would expect in April / May, you rely on baking powder bought years ago .. and the things just puff up way beyond ‘miniature’ .. and then you keep hearing ‘this is not what I signed you up for’ …

But anyways, we had some fun making them, I do not expect any trophy .. and I hope not to get any lawsuit for cookies too big or that I used white chocolate instead of brown ..

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  1. Tammy says:

    I so love the comment “this not what I signed you up for”. You are a trouper, Peter!

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