Satay at “Taste of Indonesia”

This is the second time this year the Indonesian Embassy invited to a tasting event … although initially labeled a ‘Bazaar’ … it was pretty much the same as last time, with some more stuff to buy … especially more Indonesian style shirts, and they must have learned from last time’s experience and had ordered more big size shirts .. but even the Indonesian XXL was too small for me.

I do not recall if they had those nice Satay chicken skewers last time, but they had them today and they were great. Non chewy chicken in spicy peanut sauce at 10ETB a piece. We had plenty of those, but also tried some noodle dishes, rice patties filled with meat.

What we ended up buying was washing powder and instant noodles! I had noticed many people walking out with bags full of that. And I found then out that the prices for both were way under the local supermarket prices!

There was a raffle again, but I became a bit dubious about it after a while. I noticed that the numbers ranged from 0011 to close to 2000. And in no way were there 2000 people. I also noticed local looking people holding bundles of raffle tickets, waiting for the announced numbers. And the prices were also a bit odd .. 10kg bags of rice, gallon jugs of veggie oil … a ‘new’ 19″ CRT TV ???

My theory is that they offered extra raffle tickets cheap (or free) to embassy staff members, which would explain that most of the people winning were locals. So, I do not think it was rigged, I just guess they evened out the odds nicely. I was laughing when I saw one of the few expats on stage walking way with one of those huge rice bags. But we did not come for the raffle anyways.

Besides the food there were music and dance performances, including the ambassador himself singing a Lionel Richie song (I heard he loves Karaoke). The music was an overall nice mix of everything … Indonesian dance, Amharic songs (loud), a local singer reminding people that the Rastafarian movement and thus reggae music stems from Ethiopia, another local dance group doing their impression of ‘Single Ladies’ …

We are looking forward to the next time they do this. An added bonus is: they are fairly close to us.

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