Church on wheels!

Now, that was something new!

I have written in the past how the churches here are a terrible source of noise polition, all equipped with kick-ass speaker systems and yodeling pretty much all day and night.

This was also the reason why we moved houses within Addis. Before, we were right next to a church (they are as frequent here as Starbucks in New York) … and now we are in a sweet spot between 2 churches and a mosque, and they are far enough away … it has become much more bearable.

But seems someone thought this area is not getting enough prayer … and so I saw THIS today:

What might look like a transport van to the airport, those huge black things on top are actually speakers, hooked up to a generator.

I know the picture is a fleeting snapshot, but you can make out the guy on the passenger seat, clad in white … this is the priest … with a microphone …

Wondering very much if that was a one time / special holiday occasion (they only have 280 holidays per year) or if this will happen more often …

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2 Responses to Church on wheels!

  1. Peter says:

    Wenn Du nicht zur Kirche kommst, kommt die Kirche zu Dir :-)

  2. Cynthia says:

    Wow, how annoying!

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